Tabletop Gaming Issue 59 – Available Now!

24 September 2021
Repair a ruined kingdom, or conquer someone else’s, the choice is yours

Returning home to a ruined castle is no fun, so we’re going to be fixing it up in this month’s issue of Tabletop Gaming Magazine. 

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We’re joined by legendary designer Antoine Bauza to talk about Oltréé – a translation of the French OSR game of the same name to boardgame format. It’s a narrative game with tower defence, work placement, and adventure elements that we’re certain will become a fast favourite. We think it’s Bauza’s best game yet. Find out why in the issue.
Plus we chat to Simon Hall about Total War: ROME, bringing the behemoth SEGA real time strategy game to our tabletops (within three hours). Hall takes us through the ups and downs of development, and the exciting systems within the game. 

And we get the inside scoop of Voidfall.  We catch up with Dávid Turczi and Nigel Buckle about their Mindclash published Euro-4X game. We talk about creating the wonder of space exploration, and making Euro-friendly combat.
What’s more is subscribers receive a FREE GIFT of a card for The King Is Dead (Second Edition) – the Betrayal card gives you even more options for conquering the kingdom.

Here’s what else is in the issue:

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FREE GIFT FOR SUBSCRIBERS – New Card for The King is Dead Second Edition. The Betrayal card adds a whole new way to claim the Kingdom for yourself.

Five Alternate Formats for Classics – We’ve rounded up five of our favourite rules variations for classics like 7 Wonders and Coup

Welcome to the Dune-iverse – We chat with Ignacy Trewiczek about Dune: House Secrets, and give you the low-down on all the Dune games which have launched this year, or will in the near future.

Studio Profile: Horrible Guild – We chat to Lorenzo Silva about running a company whose major mission appear to be avoiding boredom.

29 Games Reviewed and Rated – Including: Snakesss, The Snallygaster Situation: Kids On Bikes Board Game, Lawyer Up, Dragon parks, Sonar Family, Chronicles of Crime: 1900, New York Zoo, Alien Colonial Marines Operations Manual, and The Doctor Who Roleplaying Game (Second Edition) AND Reviews, Reviews, Reviews! – We rate and review some of the biggest games of the year, including: Jaws of the Lion, Equinox, Descent: Legends of the Dark, The Horned Rat, Fired Up, Tinners Trail Second Edition, and What Next?


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