Tabletop Gaming Issue 58 – In Shops Now

27 August 2021
Save the world in 100 days, or hop to the other side of the tracks

A darkness has fallen on Thra, and you and your Gelfling companions are the only ones who can lift it. You’re a bunch of Jim Henderson puppets and you’ve got 100 days, so you best get on with it. Join us as we explore The Dark Crystal Adventure Game in depth with its designer this month, in Tabletop Gaming Magazine.

PLUS A free gift for subscribers of a Mazescape adventure, can you draw your way out of this one? Catch up on what Mazescape is, here

We’re also taking on the armies of the Horned Rat in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, train hopping on to a haunted carriage in Vagrantsong, defending the world from space invaders and convincing you that you need a hidden movement game in your collection.

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