Survival of the quickest: Outrun is live on Kickstarter

24 November 2019
Survival isn’t a matter of being the fastest, just being faster than who you’re with
Survival of the quickest: Outrun is live on Kickstarter Images

When you’re running from a series of monsters as your local movie museum you have to think about what your strategies are. You could all work together to defeat the monsters, returning them back to their cases – of course, you’re not sure how to do that. You could work together to fight the monsters some how, tricking them into a cupboard or similar. You could call the police and hope they can sort it somehow. Or, you might just think about how fond you really are of these people you’re hanging out with. Are they really your friends? More like acquaintances really aren’t they? I mean, if you managed to just get out and say, one of them got eaten, how bad would that be? In fact, if Jeremy got eaten it would shrink the size of your regular gaming group down to four, making so many more games available to you…

Outrun is a game about using your reflexes to get away from a monster faster than your friends. A path is drawn and you have to  match the patterns on the cards. Match the cards right the fastest and you’ll put a sprint on, moving your character a little further away from the threat.

If that’s not enough for you, you can also play interference cards to trip up other players. All well and good until you realise that, depending on the monster you’re being chased by, your interference cards will have different effects. The vampire will make interference cards apply to all whereas the Zombie passes the infection of the interference to another player, for example.

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It all seems like good fun, and with variable board sizes you can set the length of a game from anything as short at 10 minutes up to 60.

This is the first game by Good Looking Richard – a studio worth seeing an eye on. Take a peek at the Kickstarter for Outrun over here


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