Succulent and Planet X Available Now from Renegade Game Studios

11 June 2020
No need for an umbrella!

Sometimes it feels like when it rains it pours (in a good way!), and with Renegade Game Studio announcements it really has matched the weather outside. Following on from a successful Renegade Virtual Con, there’s now even more good news with its newest releases, with both Succulent, and The Search for Planet X.


Succulent is a tile-laying board game, by designer J. Alex Kevern and art by Anna Daviscourt where you tend to your succulent garden. You’ll need to make meaningful choices to score points, playing out your strategy amongst the gorgeous floral artwork that accompanies it. This game has been well-reviewed and highly anticipated, and is the time to prove yourself the master horticulturalist.



In a game where there’s unlikely to be any fauna, we have the second release from Renegade, in The Search For Planet X. It’s designed by Ben Rosset and Matthew O’Malley, with art by Michael Pedro and James Masino. In this, you’ll be an astronomer, using observations and deductions to find the location of Planet X. However, in each game the arrangement of objects and Planet are decided by the companion app, meaning you can never be sure it’s in the same place twice.


Information you learn, you’ll record on sheets, which you’ll gain by performing scans and attending conferences using the associated app. You’ll earn points by publishing theories, and by determining the location of Planet X. It sounds a little like Cluedo meets Battleships, only with digital help and a space setting.


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Both Succulent and The Search for Planet X are available directly from Renegade Game Studio or at your friendly local game store.

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