Suburbia: Collector’s Edition parties until dawn in new Nightlife expansion

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08 January 2019
suburbia-nightlife-96264.jpg Suburbia: Collector's Edition
The city-builder that never sleeps

Suburbia is getting a new Collector’s Edition that adds a brand new expansion, revamped artwork and impressive 3D tile tower to the 2012 city-building game.

The upcoming version of Ted Alspach’s tile-laying title includes its two previous expansions, Suburbia Inc. and Suburbia 5★, and mini-expansions available at conventions, as well as Nightlife, an add-on new for the set that includes buildings and locations suited to the evening hours.

Publisher Bezier says that it currently has no plans to release Nightlife outside of the Collector’s Edition, making the $100 box the only way to get it when it launches on Kickstarter later this month.

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The original game’s tiles have been overhauled with a new three-dimensional look to their artwork, giving a greater sense of depth to players’ cities as they place residential, commercial, industrial and civic hexes to produce valuable resources, earn income and attract more and more citizens – not unlike computer game SimCity.

Adding even more to the 3D look of the game is a tall tile tower that protrudes from its GameTrayz base and holds the enlarged hex tiles for dispensing. The borough boards have been personalised for each city and feature recesses to hold tiles.

Suburbia: Collector’s Edition goes live on Kickstarter on January 14th.


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