Studio behind the brilliantly chaotic Spaceteam returns with its second co-op party card game, Ravine

13 October 2017
Screen-Shot-2017-10-13-at-09.33.00-30908.png Ravine
Players must survive being stranded on an island and risk going mad

If you haven’t played it, Spaceteam is a fantastically bonkers free-to-play mobile app that involves a group of friends yelling at each other to fix ridiculously-named parts of a failing spaceship, from an Eigenthrottle to the Dangling Shunter.

In 2015, the team behind the iOS and Android app turned it into a similarly hectic card game where the phones were replaced by a deck of cards that everyone worked together to repair simultaneously, leading to five minutes of animated shouting and card-chucking.

After making more than $180,000 for the Spaceteam card game on Kickstarter in 2015, studio Timer and Bolt is returning with its second tabletop game – and this time around, it hasn’t been an app first.

Ravine shares a few similarities with Spaceteam, in that it’s a pacey co-op card game that plays in under 15 minutes and stretches up to a party-size group of six players.

The setup is that players are survivors of a plane crash onto a deserted island, who must try and scavenge for food and resources, which can then be used for building shelters and crafting tools, during the day phase to survive the approaching night.

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Each player has up to six hearts that represent their health, which can be depleted by attacks from wild animals (including giant squirrels) or the effects of the weather.

If a player dips below two hearts, they go mad and have to draw from a madness deck, which introduces additional elements – for example, one of the cards requires a player to announce their name is now Captain Cranberries, and they must refuse to speak unless addressed by their new moniker.

So far it sounds like Ravine will be just as hilarious and unpredictable as Spaceteam, with a few interesting twists to the quirky sci-fi formula. We’ll find out more in November, when the Kickstarter campaign for the game launches.


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