Stranger Things Are Happening in the MTG Superdrop...

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15 October 2021
No, literally

If you somehow missed the hype (even if you've never seen the show), Stranger Things exploded onto Netflix and has remained in the popular culture peripheral ever since. Its prominence in tabletop was generated through a number of references, as well as a Dungeons & Dragons book that can generally be found outside of D&D's usual FLGs haunts, and so popular that it is in Waterstones across the country.


Wizards of the Coast own both D&D and Magic: The Gathering, and after conquering D&D, the license is expanding into MTG, with Secret Lair's October Superdrop. Brand new, mechanically accurate cards, as part of it's monthly drop of pop culture themed options – one which started with Godzilla. Fans can now see the mystery of Hawkins and the Upisde Down in Magic: The Gathering, across eight brand new cards available in the traditional foil and non foil, and featuring favourites from the show such as Jim, Dustin, and Eleven.

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In addition to a Stranger Things drop, there are also six others, celebrating Mirrodinsanity, Monster Anatomy 101, Monster Movie Marathon, Read the Fine Print, Showcase: Midnight Hunt and Thrilling Tales of the Undead. You can begin to pre-order from October 18th, with cards made to order, and ending on November 15th 2021. 



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