Stefan Feld’s mighty Romans and rondels game Trajan is returning this year

03 October 2018
trajan-58181.png Trajan
Rome if you want to

Trajan, the game depicting ancient Rome’s internal power struggle designed by Castles of Burgundy creator Stefan Feld, is being reprinted later this year.

The 2011 game is best known for its clever use of rondels to select actions, combined with the mancala-like way the coloured pieces are redistributed around the circular action-selection section of each player’s board, forcing players to plan ahead and time their actions carefully.

The main aim is to score victory points, juggling aspects of political influence, military might, trade and more to exert your power over the flourishing city.

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The upcoming new version from publishers Renegade and Huch! isn’t a new edition – nothing inside the box has changed when it comes to rules or artwork, with only the main box illustration being updated for the reprint. It’ll still support two to four players, and take roughly 30 minutes per person to play.

It’s due out this December in the US, where it’ll cost $70 (£54) – expect it to work its way over to closer shores after that.


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