Starfinder's community made planet gets the finishing touches

02 March 2020
Another gem from the Paizo blog

It’s always so cool to see communities come together to make something for their favourite game. It’s even cooler when the creators of said game take that cool thing and make it cannon. Enter Starfinder and their recent Deck of Many Worlds challenge which tasked players with coming up with a history, concept, and plot hooks for this particular array of cards.


Over the weeks fans have been writing some fantastic and interesting characters and histories that could, by themselves, fuel a whole arc. Albeit with the caveat that you might need to get the duct tape and hatchet out to make them all fit together. If that all sounds like a bit too much work then you’re in luck. Just before the weekend, Paizo announced the winner and gave it the official treatment, editing and rewriting it just enough to make it feel like a native Starfinder world.

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The whole point of the blog series was to highlight the versatility of the Deck of Many Worlds and it seems to have shown that off incredibly well. With some fans taking the races and claiming they’ve adapted to aquatic life, that forerunner races are to blame for the flooded planet, that proteans control the kelp forests, and stranger theories. 


This sort of community creation is perfect for anyone with trepidation over using fan made content. All the flexibility and diversity of the hive mind with the high quality finishing touches of the actual designers. It’s a win-win scenario that we entitled few now want from very RPG. 


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