Starfinder is the latest big hit to get a Munchkin crossover

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24 October 2017
ed886c67da7178df20797540d351b98a_original-07784.jpg Munchkin Starfinder
Paizo’s roleplaying sequel meets Steve Jackson’s lighthearted card game

Is there anything that can escape Munchkin?

The latest planet-sized hit to be pulled into a collision with Steve Jackson’s love-it-or-hate-it lighthearted card game is Starfinder, Paizo’s sci-fi follow-up to fantasy RPG Pathfinder – which previously received its own Munchkin spin-off.

Munchkin Starfinder brings the roleplaying hit’s six races, seven classes, various spaceships and planets into the Munchkin universe – the most races and classes in a Munchkin box yet – as players battle with creatures from the RPG and gather loot as they compete to level up fastest.

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One noticeable change is the replacement of the instantly recognisable art of long-time Munchkin illustrator John Kovalic with doodles from webcomic creator Howard Tayler, who has transformed Starfinder’s cast of characters into their cartoony alter-egos.

It’s otherwise a familiar affair, with the game supporting the standard three to six people and taking an hour or two to finish.

The core game is $25 (£19) on Kickstarter, with higher tiers adding a 56-card expansion for the standalone game already confirmed to be in the works. There’s a bit of a stinger for us here in the UK, though, as shipping is more than the game itself – $30 (£23).

Munchkin Starfinder has already more than tripled its $10,000 goal and is running on a short campaign set to wrap up on November 2nd, so you’ll need to more relatively fast if you want to grab a copy.


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