Star Wars: Destiny reprints are incoming, but you'll only get one chance to pick up future sets

01 March 2017
swd01-03_boxes-03776.png Star Wars: Destiny
Fantasy Flight commits to release two new starter decks and a set of boosters every year, replacing older packs

If you’ve been struggling to find a copy of Fantasy Flight’s fantastic Star Wars: Destiny collectible dice game (you're not the only one), we’ve got good news and (potentially) bad news for you.

The one-way street of this whole publishing thing means that you don’t get a choice which we tell you first, so we’ll go with the good news: Fantasy Flight has confirmed that it will reprint the first set of hard-to-find Awakenings booster packs and the Rey and Kylo Ren starter decks, which should land on shelves in June.

The publisher admitted that “the popularity of the game has outstripped all of our expectations”, leading to the wave of packs selling out incredibly quickly and becoming tough to track down – it also added that this reprint will be the final time the set is reprinted, so if you’re desperate to get your hands on the cards, you likely won’t want to hang around.

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That leads us to the sort-of bad news. Fantasy Flight announced that, beginning with the next Destiny expansion, Spirit of Rebellion, new waves of starter decks and boosters will only receive a single print run – that means no second chances to get them via reprints. Of course, you’d hope that the difficulty experienced with Awakenings means that the publisher will print a lot more cards and sets to begin with going forwards, but that still means you’ll want to jump on sought-after releases before they potentially vanish.

At the very longest, you’ll have one year to track down each new wave, as the publisher also said that it will adopt an annual refresh cycle for the game, introducing two new starter decks and a series of boosters every year, which will replace the previous wave. This will begin with the set after the third expansion run at the end of this year, which will replace the Rey and Ren decks and current series of boosters.


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