Star Wars: Destiny is introducing three different types of tournament play

09 November 2017
swd_event_photo_2-99713.jpg Star Wars: Destiny
Standard, Trilogy and Infinite uses different card pools and use of rotation

Having just brought support for booster drafts and sealed matches to Star Wars: Destiny, Fantasy Flight is kicking tournament play for the popular collectible dice game up another notch with the introduction of three different organised play formats.

Each of the formats uses a different pool of legal cards and dice defined by periodic ‘Holocron’ lists, with rotation leading to an evolving metagame for two of the formats.

The headline mode is Standard play, which will serve as the basis of all of Fantasy Flight’s regional and international Destiny championships. The format will rely on the two most recent cycles of releases – comprised of a pair of starter sets and two additional waves of booster expansions, as well as any unreleased cycles – meaning the initial pool will include the Awakenings and Legacies cycles until the unannounced third cycle of Destiny releases is debuted.

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Even tighter is the card pool for Trilogy, the second format. Essentially the same in construction as Standard, Trilogy uses just the most recent full cycle of releases (and any unreleased cycles) and is designed for players who might have only just picked up the game, eliminating the need to pick up past releases to stay competitive.

Trilogy will act as the backbone of the regional Galactic Qualifiers, with at least one Trilogy tournament planned for every event, with the opportunity to secure a place at the Destiny world championships. With its reliance on the latest cycle, Trilogy will officially take hold with the release of the upcoming full Legacies cycle.

At the other end of the scale is the third and final tournament format, Infinite. The complete opposite of Trilogy, Infinite allows any released product to be played legally, meaning that cards exempted from the other modes by rotation can still be used. The Infinite Holocron will help keep older cards balanced with newer incomers, but otherwise it’s presented as a format where almost anything goes.

The formats will be in place in time for Fantasy Flight’s next world championships in May 2018.


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