Star Wars: Destiny is getting support for booster drafts and sealed matches

17 October 2017
swd06_box_left-14995.jpg Star Wars: Destiny: Rivals
Rivals set designed for use in tournament-style formats

Collectible dice game Star Wars: Destiny is being updated with support for two of the most popular tournament formats around: draft and sealed.

Best known for their popularity in card games such as Magic, draft and sealed matches involve players building decks from a selection of cards from random boosters opened at the time, rather than pre-building their custom loadouts.

In the case of Destiny, a new 20-card set, Rivals, will serve as the foundation for draft and sealed games. In draft play, the idea is that each player begins with the fixed contents of Rivals, before picking one card at a time from two rounds of three opened boosters and passing the remainder to their neighbour for an eventual total of 50 cards that can then be fine-tuned into a standard deck of 20 to 30. Sealed play instead involves each player combining Rivals with eight boosters, using the 60 cards to build their deck.

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There’s no limit on card duplicates or combinations of heroes, villains and neutrals in draft play, potentially making it a very different game to a standard match.

Rivals includes cards of every colour, which can also be used in normal constructed deck matches. The set debuts a new variant of Anakin Skywalker that can be used in both hero and villain decks, with different abilities depending on which side of the Force he falls.

There’s a couple of other new characters, events and whatnot in the pack, along with the introduction of Destiny’s first gray character. The Jawa scavenger is designed to help fill out a 30-point deck by being a cheap six-point character that provides a way to quickly gain resources by discarding supports and upgrades. The resourceful event allows a player to spot the Jawa and remove a die to gain another resource.

No release date was given for Rivals, but the pack will cost £15 – the same as other starter decks – when it comes out.


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