Spring Showcase: Main Stage Announcements

22 March 2021
You're in for a fun weekend

The Spring Showcase is so nearly upon us – and in case you missed the announcement, it's 27th-18th March, making it this very weekend!. We're sure you're wondering who you can expect to see, and we're ready to reveal our line up...

You can join in on the Spring Showcase by visiting us over the weekend on both www.tabletopgaming.co.uk, and on our Youtube channel. You'll be able to dip in and out of the Main Stage, which will be on our home page at set times, but of course, that isn't all. We've had so many videos, you'll be able to find even more away from the main stage. 

The theme of this event is Looking Forward, so without further ado, get your calendar ready to mark down the events you're looking forward to:

Saturday 27th March

9am: Top Ten Most Anticipated Games of 2021 by Paul Grogan (Gaming Rules!)

10am: Ares Games is showing us what's in store for 2021

11am: We're asking, What's Next? of Pegasus Spiele 

12pm:  And then Rockmanor Games are taking a look at what's coming up, with Michael Gnade

1pm: Charlie will be giving a round up of the new games being shown off over the course of the show

2pm: Smooshing time! Time for Necromolds with Clint Bohaty

3pm: What's new with Handiwork Games?

4pm: An interview with Cole Wehrle about Oath, in which you may just see a familiar face...

5pm: Then we're looking at what's next for Free League? With Tomas Härenstam

6pm: We're rounding off the day with an exciting new game announcement from Big Potato Games!

And finally, 7pm: A special reveal from Para Bellum about Conquest: The Last Arguement of Kings – tune in at 7pm to find out what they've got in store.


Sunday 28th March 

9am: 5 Games for After Doomsday with Ben Maddox (time to question what yours would be!)

10am: It's the return of Glenn Ford and Mike Hutchinson, in early access to their new series Rule of Carnage, with their Roadmap 2021

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11am: Perfectly okay to laugh – Uranus! with Ellie Dix

12pm: Loke Battlemats are mapping out their 2021

1pm: New product announcements! All from Gamegenics

2pm: Maniple Games are playing the Tu'x Rebellion

3pm: Adding in some monsters, Isaac Childres is offering a new Frosthaven Monster for your enjoyment

4pm: What are Portal Games offering this year? Lots, it turns out!

5pm: Gamebrewer give us a run down of their plans for 2021

6pm: We're talking Robin Hood with Michael Menzel.


And of course, that's nowhere near all! We've got videos from Stuff by Bez, by Academy Games, Good Game Guild, Second Gate Games, Bedsit Games, Game On Tabletop Black Void Games, Chaosium, Corvus Belli, Flatpack Forces, Hexplore, Dissent Games, Pencil First Games, Snowdale Design, Supar Games, and SO MANY MORE. 


Make sure to tune in, we can't wait to see you there!



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