SPONSORED POST: Kingdom’s Candy: Monsters

Candy. We all want it. But how can we get more? That’s what you need to uncover.

In Kingdom’s Candy Monsters, you take on the role of a greedy villain, determined to have the most candy. And the best way to do this is to purchase monsters, make them more powerful, and then unleash them into the Kingdom in search of more candy.


But there’s a price to pay for this. In order for your monsters to collect the most candy, you have to feed them a steady diet of sugar cubes. So, you must carefully balance what you spend on gaining more monsters and improving their abilities with being able to feed them.


In Kingdom’s Candy Monsters, you want to create the best sugar cube generating engine you can through your collection of monsters and abilities to thwart the other villains, also bent on candy domination.


On your turn, after collecting your daily allotment of sugar cubes (which you can dramatically increase through clever play), you’ll simply do one of three things:


  1. Buy a monster
  2. Buy an ability card, or
  3. Hunt for more sugar cubes


But, as you add more monsters to your collection, you’ll have to be careful, as an event card is played at the end of each round, and if this happens to be one of the four Black Candy Cards in the deck, you’ll need to be able to feed all of them. Otherwise, you’ll take a dreaded black candy cube for every sugar cube you’re short.


You’ll also be given an interesting choice when you buy an ability card – you can either tuck this under one of your monsters to give them an ability they can use throughout the game at different times (when you buy more monsters, when you collection sugar cubes, or even during black candy), or you can leave this card untucked. Leaving an ability card untucked allows you to gain more points, as well as reduce the cost of buying monsters of the same type.


Every monster and each ability have a different candy type. Collecting multiple of the same type or all three different types will give you additional bonuses, such as increasing your daily allotment of sugar cubes or even earning you extra candies every round. Chain your abilities and collections together to create an unstoppable candy making machine!


The monsters you can buy range from cute to jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but all are after one thing: MORE CANDY!


Every decision you make in Kingdom’s Candy Monsters matters.


Will you hoard a horde of monsters? Buy up all the ability cards? Or take a more balanced strategy?


With its stunning art, ease of learning, and deceptively deep strategy, Kingdom’s Candy Monsters is as beautiful as it is engaging to play.


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