SPONSORED POST: Gibsons Launch Brand-New Game Quirk!

08 June 2020
Gibsons, the family-owned jigsaw puzzle and board game company have launched a new game, Quirk! Created by Emma May, founder of Emmerse Studios, Quirk! is the laugh-out-loud card game of sounds, actions and a whole lot of mischief.
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The aim of the game is to collect the most ‘Quirks’, which are sets of three cards with matching characters. There are 26 ‘Quirks’ to collect that feature whacky and wonderful characters such as ninjas, sloths, dragons and superheroes. Players must embrace their silly side and do their best impression of a character in order to ask for it from an opponent’s hand; perfect for 2-6 players aged 5 and up.

Quirk! was designed and created by independent game designer Emma May, who launched the original version on Kickstarter in 2017. Quirk! gained a momentous following, with over 10,000 units sold around the world in just two years.  Moreover, it was part of the Amazon top 100 best-selling travel games two years in a row and ranked Amazon’s 10th best-selling travel game in November 2019.

Emma May has been on quite a journey to get to game to where it is today. “In 2012, I was freelancing as an artist but wanted to develop my own projects. I started with a book called 365 Days of Getting into Character, which featured characters for you to become every day, suggestions would be silly or reinforce positivity. One suggestion was to act like a pirate for an entire day and I had a friend try this out who came back to me to say it was too hard to do. So naturally, I turned the book into a drinking game called Cards with Character. A lot of the artwork from the original Quirk! game came from that game in 2013. 5 years later I went to work revamping the game, creating additional artwork and testing the concept. Since then it’s grown into the game that 12,000 people own today and now it’s been redeveloped for the Gibsons launch!”

The new version stays true to the original game, however, there are exciting new characters, new packaging, double the number of cards and brand-new Mischief cards that mess up the gameplay whenever they appear. The Mischief Cards can be added to advance the game, so this mean groups can enjoy even more excitement and suspense if they want it.  What’s more, the new version also introduces a new system to help players separate the cards if they want to play a shorter game with less challenging characters.

Gibsons have made some changes to the cards so that visually they are easier to identify. Each card type has a colour and a symbol that represents it. The relevant symbol is displayed at the top of each card so that those who may not be able to see in colour can still recognise the different groups. The entire deck is also all free from text, meaning the game can be enjoyed worldwide.  

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Emma May states “Visually, every aspect of the game has been improved, even down the quality of the cards for shuffle-ability. We’ve taken every effort to create a game that is easy to learn, accessible and a lot of fun for people of all ages. I’m very excited by the new game… it really is the ultimate version of Quirk!”

Gibsons Product Development Manager, Emily Charles, says “Quirk! is so much fun to play and fits perfectly with the Gibsons range. Players are encouraged to embrace their silly side and every game is full of giggles, it’s exactly what families need in these difficult times. Working with Emma on the new version has been a pleasure and we are thrilled with the look of the new design. The changes we’ve made together have moved the game on in many ways, including the addition of Mischief cards to mix up the play and a whole host of brand new characters to impersonate.”

Quirk! is available to purchase now on the Gibsons website.


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