Spirit Island and Aeon’s End are coming to digital

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10 August 2018
spirit-island-23436.png Spirit Island
Co-op couple

Digital board game developer Handelabra has announced a double-whammy of tabletop ports coming to the virtual realm.

First up is Aeon’s End, which we found to be an impressively original take on the fantasy deckbuilder in our review last year – and has since been spun out into a legacy sequel.

Following that will be another – albeit vastly different – co-op experience, Spirit Island. The game, which turns the typical colonisation of an island nation on its head by having players take control of the land’s supernatural guardians and drive invaders away, is a seriously accomplished challenge with – we said in our review that “every aspect of Spirit Island exudes depth, whether it’s the subversion of traditional strategy game tropes or the excellent co-op combination of deckbuilding and area control”.

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Both games were announced to be in development for digital platforms during a Twitch stream by Handelabra, although the studio declined to reveal whether the games will be coming to PC, mobile or both.

The team previously brought dice-chucking baseball game Bottom of the 9th, co-op card battler Sentinels of the Multiverse and pacey dungeon-crawler One Deck Dungeon to PC via Steam, the iOS App Store and Android through Google Play, potentially hinting at their plans for Aeon’s End and Spirit Island.

Both Aeon’s End and Spirit Island are pegged for a digital release next year.


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