Space Cowboys teases first Splendor expansion

30 November 2016
de692e34-284d-42b3-bb81-b97de540d92f-21511._CB328271547_-21511.jpg The original Splendor is one of BGG's top-ranked family games
Photo of cryptic add-on shows additional line of smaller cards

Splendor publisher Space Cowboys has offered the first sneak peek at its upcoming expansion for the acclaimed card game.

Although the publisher remained tight-lipped on details of the set, from the looks of a teaser photo posted to Facebook it appears that the expansion will add an additional row of smaller cards to the mix, each displaying either text or gems.

Space Cowboys did confirm that the set will require the base game to play, essentially confirming it as an add-on rather than an entirely new release.

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The only other hint it offered was the suggestion that the extra row of cards was just one of several new mechanics, saying it would “tell you everything as soon as possible”.

Here’s the post. Can you spot any clues?


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