Smash Up expansion to ask What Were We Thinking? next March

21 November 2016
1500x1500_3150312e92ffcd83d07d1ce8fe1fd2bd3e0529438f880cf464f9ef0f-39025.jpg What Were We Thinking? will add grannies, explorers, teddy bears and rock stars
Add-on for ‘shufflebuilding’ card game will include nearly 100 new cards

Paul Peterson’s ‘shufflebuilding’ card game Smash Up is getting a new expansion early in 2017.

What Were We Thinking? will bring a further assortment of random and quirky cards to the game of combining factions to create cross-bred masters of destruction, such as grannies, explorers, teddy bears and rock stars.

With the four new sides, Smash Up now boasts a healthy total of 50 different groups, all of which are compatible with this pack’s races.

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The newcomers are represented by 88 cards in the box, as well as card dividers and tokens.

You’ll need the original game to play with What Were We Thinking?, which will cost $24.99 when it’s released in March.


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