Shards of Infinity, the sci-fi sequel to fantasy deckbuilder Ascension, arrives on PC and mobile

09 May 2019
shards-of-infinity-75676.jpg Shards of Infinity (PC)
Infinity phones

Snappy sci-fi deckbuilder Shards of Infinity has come to PC, iOS and Android.

Created by the team behind fantasy deckbuilding game Ascension – which includes former Magic: The Gathering pros – Shards of Infinity made a decent impression for itself when it arrived on the tabletop last year, managing to feel reliably familiar yet stand up as a nonetheless solid and enjoyable entry in the crowded genre of compact sci-fi card games occupied by the likes of Star Realms.

A successor of sorts to Ascension, Shards of Infinity pits players in a race to build up their personal deck of cards by purchasing cards from a central marketplace. In a neat twist to the delayed gratification of many deckbuilders, Shards of Infinity let players choose whether to add newly-acquired mercenary cards to their discard pile and be shuffled permanently into their deck for future turns, or play them immediately but lose them back to the middle afterwards.

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The back-and-forth battles were also given a feeling of progression by players’ mastery, which builds up over the course of the game and unlocks more powerful attack and abilities later on – including the possibility to instantly win.

Its digital version arrives with 128 cards for players to use against opponents in either local or online matches, with up to four-player matches. Online games are cross-platform between mobile and PC.

The app has been coded by Race for the Galaxy developer Temple Gate Games, which brings the impressive neural network-based computer AI based on Keldon Jones' research seen in that game to Shards of Infinity’s single-player mode.

Shards of Infinity is out now on the iOS App Store, Google Play for Android and PC via Steam. It’s cheapest on PC, coming in at under £6, whereas the mobile app will set you back close to £8.


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