Seven New Adventures in Glorantha in New RuneQuest PDF

12 May 2020
Appropriate shoes for all-terrain exploration required

Chaosium launches its newest adventure to PDF: RuneQuest: The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories.


In RuneQuest: The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories, you’re getting seven ready to play adventures in one single outing. From Ghoul haunted catacombs, to the rocky pinnacle of the Pegasus Plateau, there’s exploration due on the mythic fantasy world of Glorantha, a world inspired by the Bronze Age and created by Greg Stafford in 1966. Heralded by Chaosium as one of the most popular original game settings ever, it’s certainly one to explore.


Within this newest release, Chaosium confirmed the following seven adventures:

  • The Pegasus Plateau is a desperate race to the top of a mountain to claim a priceless reward.
  • The Grey Crane concerns an ancient legacy, stolen from its rightful owner.
  • The Rattling Wind is a deadly tale of ghosts and unearthly revenge.
  • Crimson Petals describes a curse afflicting a beleaguered town.
  • Gloomwillow's Hollow details the Woods of the Dead, a realm ruled by ghouls and worse.
  • The Ruin on the Stream delves into an ancient ruin in search of long-lost secrets of dragon magic.
  • The Pairing Stones presents a tale of a wedding interrupted, lovers separated and reunited.

You’ll also see a new tribe for gamemasters – the Locaem, and find the lonely village of Renekot’s Hope.


The game is suitable for new and old players, as these can be either part of an existing campaign, or used as introductions to Glorantha.


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At the moment, only the PDF version of Runequest: The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories is available, however, Chaosium is offering a discount to offset the purchase price from the physical book when it goes on sale, so if you prefer to have it in your hands but don’t want to wait, this option is for you.


When published, it’ll be 160 pages as part of the 4th edition Chaosium RuneQuest rule set. The PDF is available for purchase now at Chaosium’s site for $16.99.


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