Set and Quiddler inventor announces new card game WordSpiel

26 January 2017
WordSpiel-box-with-Card-Spiral-56939.jpg WordSpiel
Marsha J. Falco’s latest puts a spin on traditional game of linking words with first and last letters

Marsha J. Falco, the inventor of family hits Set and Quiddler, is back with a new word card game.

WordSpiel is a play on the traditional family game of linking together words with their first and last letters – so ‘trump’ could be followed by ‘pathetic’ and subsequently connected to ‘cowardly’, as an example that is absolutely random.

In WordSpiel, players lay down letter cards from their hands, attempting to ditch all ten of the cards in their hand by forming a word in under a minute.

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In another twist, players are also permitted to use more than one letter backwards from the previous word – so ‘board’ could be followed by ‘ardent’.

It’s as simple as that, although a digital timer is also included in the box – none of that trickling sand business, this is the 21st century after all – to make sure nobody takes more than their allocated 60 seconds.

The US price tag is $13, making it around a tenner here in the UK – although a release date is yet to surface. Games published by Set Enterprises have previously come to the UK via The Green Board Game Co., so we’ll let you know as we hear more.


Hi everyone, I am writing to request that you email a copy of the first couple of pages of the Quiddler dictionary. My friend introduced me to the game a few years ago but the first couple of pages of the dictionary were missing. I would like to have the ordering information so I can order my own complete Quiddler set. Would you please email the information I need to order the set? Your assistance will be appreciated as my friend is reluctant to even let the game out of her house & my other friend & I play the games I have (You Blew It & the card game 13). Having the Quiddler game would give us more time together. Thanking you in advance. Ariel Laman Here is my email address: [email protected]

Posted by Ariel Laman on Sat 09 Jan 14:46:41