Seminal sci-fi RPG Shadowrun marks its 30th anniversary with a sixth edition, Sixth World, out this June

02 May 2019
shadowrun-sixth-world-63982.jpg Shadowrun: Sixth World
First major update in six years

One of the most influential sci-fi roleplaying games of all time, Shadowrun, is returning with its first major new edition in six years for the RPG’s 30th anniversary.

Shadowrun: Sixth World is the cyberpunk-fantasy RPG’s sixth edition, following the release of its fifth edition back in 2013. In keeping with the RPG’s near-future setting of being 60 years and six months ahead of the present day, Sixth World will take place in 2080.

Sixth World will kick off with a beginner’s box planned for release this June, which will contain an introduction to the long-running game’s universe, quick-start rules, a Seattle-set adventure called Battle Royale, four pre-generated characters, 55 gear cards for quickly checking equipment stats, maps and ‘handfuls’ of six-sided dice.

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While publisher Catalyst Game Labs describes the sixth edition as being “easier to learn and play” than previous iterations of the RPG, Sixth World will stay true to the d6-powered system of Shadowrun’s fifth and fourth editions, where players roll dice based on their attributes and skills and count 5s and 6s as successes.

Other notable changes include a reworking of the Edge system to trim down combat and action modifiers and make combat faster to resolve, the removal of limits and a general streamlining of skills and spells to speed up play and make it less crunchy. 

Ahead of Sixth World’s release, a new novella set in the world of Shadowrun, The Frame Job, Part 1: Yu, has been released. Penned by Shadowrun writer Dylan Birtolo, the story focuses on the characters found in the beginner’s box and – as you’d probably guess from the ‘Part 1’ bit of the title – is the first in a planned series of fiction based on the game.


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