Secret Hitler card pack swaps fascists for Trump and his administration

08 June 2017
secret-trump-06127.jpg The Trump Pack
Profits from US-only set go to legal organisation ACLU opposing president

If Secret Hitler wasn’t controversial enough for you, its creators have taken the liberals-versus-fascists social deduction game one step further by introducing the ability to play as US president Donald Trump and his administration instead of the former Nazi Party leader.

The Trump Pack adds five new secret roles, swapping Hitler for Trump and including White House press secretary Sean Spicer and advisors Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, among other members of the current Trump administration.

Vice president Mike Pence appears as an optional bonus card that can also be used in place of Hitler/Trump – or “in case of impeachment or resignation”, as the game’s creators write.

“What will do you do first? An unconstitutional Muslim ban? Withdraw from popular environmental treaties? Fire the FBI director? The only limit is your imagination!” they added, referring to several of Trump’s actions as president.

Illustrated by Secret Hitler artist Mac Schubert, the cards’ artwork includes a reference to a meme of Trump where the US leader’s mouth was photoshopped onto his eyes after online commenters noticed an apparent similarity between the facial features.

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It’s worth noting that, as the gameplay remains unchanged from the original Secret Hitler, the new cards mean you can assassinate the US president or any member of his administration during a match.

Secret Hitler previously released a Trump promo card, which was handed out to players at Gen Con last year.


The Trump Pack costs $5, with all profits going towards the anti-profit legal organisation ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), which has opposed many of the policies enacted and geared up for legal action against the president.

The pack is only available in the US for the moment – the creators claim “Trump is our problem”.

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