Second Part of Coriolis Adventure Released

11 December 2020
Turns out fleeing into space isn't as attractive an idea as 2020 suggests

Coriolis – The Third Horizon is a game that mixes science fiction and mysticism, in which you'll crew a spaceship and head over to Coriolis, in the middle of a remote cluster of star systems. There, you'll find all sorts you'll need to do, setting out your own fate as you may choose to undertake missions, explore ruins, or engage in political intrigue. 

If you're new to the game, or want to give it at try, Free League Publishing offer a Quickstart guide to get you up and running, which includes full character creation rules, rules for skills and combat, an introductory scenario, and ready to play characters. 

In exciting news for those who are familiar with this RPG however, is the release of the second adventure in the Mercy of the Icons campaign, named The Last Cyclade.

We talked about this a while back when the pre-orders began, but it's available to purchase now!

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It's a 240 page hardcover book with two new full length adventure, named The Uharan Echo and In the Shadow of the Zenith.

In addition, it'll include four new adventure locations, and brand new mission generator tables to create your own adventures and backgrounds, perfect for the game master. 

From it's description, we know. "Many months ago, the destroyer Zafirah vanished during the same event that sent the cruise liner Ghazali crashing into the Hamura star. Now she is back, in a time when both the aftermath of the Mysticides and the death of the Emissary have shaken the horizon to its foundations. The Coriolis Council and Zenithian authority are questioned, and more and more people revolt against their oppressors. The throat of the Third Horizon is exposed, and this is when something ancient rises from the shadows."

You can pick up your copy of this game directly from Free League Publishing, where the book will cost £31.18. As always though, it's worth looking at the extras available, from GM screens to maps, if you want to maximise your experience. 

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