Seastead and WWE: New Games Announced by Wizkids

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13 May 2020
Floating civilisations and WWE, that's not a mixture you'd expect

You may know and love Flotilla, the game where a huge explosion has ruptured the earth and raised the water levels, leaving survivors to take to the sea and build Flotilla ­– mankind’s last bastion of civilisation. You’ll be scouring the ocean for resources and survivors, and then have the option to swap to build more of Flotilla.


It was a popular game, and a great premise even if you’re not familiar with it. The great news is though, that this isn’t where the world of Flotilla ends, as Wizkids has announced an upcoming release for a game called Seastead, based in the same world.


It’s a two-player game, where you’ll be competitively fighting for control of the four Flotillas, but at stake is the survival of humanity. You’ll have to balance your desire to win with making sure your sabotage of your opponent doesn’t leave the world at risk. It’s a resource and collection building game, from makers Ian Cooper and Jan Gonzalez, where you’ll “Strike cunning deals, build stable ground, and clean the ocean to become the true leader of Seastead”


The game is simple to learn and to play, and Wizkids have said it has high replayability too. It’s a 30-minute playtime for ages 12+, and will be released in October 2020.

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In a slightly different topic, Wizkids have also announced Headlock, Paper, Scissors, from the WWE license and from the same creators as Rock, Paper, Wizard. This game will see you striking, showboating, and making hand signals as your favourite superstar, to reach the top of a 3D ladder before your opponents. The release date for this is May 2020, so we’d expect to see it available to order soon.



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