Seafall and Pandemic Legacy designer Rob Daviau working on a Mountains of Madness game for 2017

25 November 2016
CyCpNOyWQAADf3P-99052.jpg A teaser image for Mountains of Madness
Title based on HP Lovecraft’s iconic story will be illustrated by Small World and 7 Wonders artist Miguel Coimbra

HP Lovecraft. Rob Daviau. Miguel Coimbra. Those are the three magic ingredients being combined in a new game by the Seafall and Pandemic Legacy designer due out next year.

Mountains of Madness will be based on the eponymous classic Lovecraft tale of mysterious alien beings discovered in the harsh frozen wastes of Antarctica, which is one of the writer’s most influential and popular stories. If you haven’t read it, we really recommend it – it’s fantastic.

Daviau, widely renowned as the inventor of the legacy concept, will author the game, with Small World and 7 Wonders artist Coimbra contributing illustrations – one of which was teased in an announcement tweet.

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Whether the game will be another legacy game built from the ground up, as with Daviau’s recently released solo effort Seafall (he co-designed Pandemic Legacy with Matt Leacock), remains unclear.

The title will be published by Iello, the creators of King of Tokyo and Kanagawa.

At the moment, the release date is just said to be 2017 – so expect more details in the hopefully not too far off future.


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