Scythe’s new collection of metal mech miniatures makes a stunning game even more impressive

29 October 2018
scythe-metal-mechs-49303.jpg Scythe Metal Mechs
Only 4,000 sets available at first

Scythe is getting a limited run of metal mech miniatures that turn the dieselpunk strategy hit into even more of a spectacular sight on the tabletop.

The Scythe Metal Mechs collection includes one of each faction’s marvellous machines cast in zinc and inkwashed to bring out their details. The set also includes the necessary pieces for Scythe’s legacy-like campaign expansion The Rise of Fenris – to say any more would be a spoiler.

Stored in a felt insert designed to be displayed (publisher Stonemaier is selling the coloured clip-on plastic bases needed to use the models with a normal copy of Scythe separately), only 4,000 sets will be made to begin with, each individually numbered and stored in a foil-embossed box. In other words, it’s a seriously premium add-on.

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Scythe designer Jamey Stegmaier has said that the collection will cost $50 (plus shipping, so don’t expect to pay exactly that in the UK) and will only be sold through Stonemaier’s own online store and via localisation partners, including several in Europe, when it’s released on November 2nd. 40 separately numbered copies will be auctioned as part of Stonemaier’s charity auction later this year.

If there’s “substantial interest” in the set, Stonemaier says that more copies might appear in time for the end of 2019.


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