Scion returns with crowdfunded second edition of mythical RPG

26 September 2016
0022f5e0296a0e22fc8906205bd8acf6_original-03206.png Scion Book Two: Hero
Original rulebook published in 2007 by White Wolf
Scion returns with crowdfunded second edition of mythical RPG Images

Praise the gods (and then stab them in the back and take over)! Mortals-versus-deities RPG Scion is being revived with a second edition.

White Wolf originally published the title back in early 2007, going on to release two further core rulebooks at the end of that year and the start of 2008, as well as various other physical and digital additions to the lore.

A second edition was revealed back in 2012, teasing an improved version of the game’s Storytelling System, before vanishing again.

Now, the second edition has reappeared attached to a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, which at the time of writing has already raised more than five times its original $25,000 goal with 26 days left to run.

Scion takes place in the self-titled World, where gods have integrated with humanity and given birth to demi-god children, the eponymous Scions, that players will step into the semi-divine shoes of. (Unless they opt instead ot become one of the reigning gods.)

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Players can choose to take down their omnipotent relations, working towards a supernatural calling and making use of their magical abilities and incredible power.

Scion’s second edition will begin with two core rulebooks, Origin and Hero, with further releases planned for the future. The initial pair of publications will include the rules for the improved Storypath System, the lore of the World and instructions for character creation.

Like the original Scion’s Storytelling mechanics, Storypath utilises a 10-sided dice pool and decides the outcome of dice challenges by calculating successes, with 8 and above marking as a success.

$10 will net you a PDF of the Origin corebook, with $20 enough for an extra digital copy of Hero (both books are required to play the game). $85 is the minimum amount for physical copies of the pair, which includes digital versions.

The PDFs are expected to be available in May of next year, with physical copies taking an extra five months to October 2017 to arrive.

All this talk of gods and mortals has us thinking: would it be too much to ask for a Wicked and the Divine RPG one day? We can only hold out hope.

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