Scarlet Witch Added to Marvel Champions: The Card Game

11 March 2021
It was Agatha all along

If you've kept up with the nine episodes of WandaVision, you'll probably be mildly obsessed with the characters on the show. Identified for the first time as the Scarlet Witch, it's an epic series, with a catchy song that'll stay in your head for every day following. 

She's a perfect character, therefore, to add into Marvel Champions: The Card Game, and Fantasy Flight Games have done just that. From the description, they've said that "Lost and wandering Europe for years with her brother Pietro, Wanda Maximoff had little idea of the arcane powers vested in her—until she unleashed her reality-warping chaos magic to protect the innocent. Now in the guise of Scarlet Witch, Wanda has joined the Avengers, fighting alongside her brother!" 

We reviewed the original Marvel Champions: The Card Game, and recommended it to play, and you can check out that review by clicking here. Since then, there have been numerous additional packs, allowing you to tailor your deck, whilst also giving you a chance to see your favourite characters. 

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This Hero Pack will unlock Scarlet Witch for your deck, with a pre-built and ready to play 40 card justice deck, plus an assortment of cards for other aspects of the game. These will give you options to tweak your Scarlet Witch deck or even your current deck. You'll find the ability to use chaos magic - a card in itself, that lets you completely ignore the resource cost of the card, instead, discarding an equal number of cards from the encounter deck. You might use Warp Reality, which lets you completely cancel an encounter card and discard it. The new cards allow you maximise the potential of Scarlet Witch - plus, there's the opportunity to buy a Scarlet Witch Game Mat to match it, so you can show off your arcane prowess. 

It's available from your friendly local game store, or from Fantasy Flight Game


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