Santorini is bringing its godly tower-building to a mobile app

17 December 2018
santorini-app-31362.jpg Santorini digital
Build me up

Santorini, Gordon Hamilton’s deceptively simple but strategically intense ‘abstract’ tower-building game, is coming to mobile as a digital app.

The upcoming iOS and Android version will bring the Spiel des Jahres Recommended game’s straightforward move-and-build competition to construct a three-storey tower first to a 3D recreation of the physical game’s gorgeous island board. If that wasn’t enough for you, there’ll also be a fully orchestrated soundtrack in the background.

Publisher Roxley has confirmed that the app will include a single-player mode called ‘Odyssey’ that takes place across the Aegean island that lends its name and distinctive blue-domed architecture to the game, as well as multiplayer options in the form of pass-and-play and online matches.

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The AI opponents will scale up to the “insanely skilled” ‘Godlike’ difficulty, while tutorials for all of the game’s variable god powers will ease newcomers into the rules.

In a particularly nice touch, owners of Santorini’s physical edition will be able to use the app to pick gods for the original board game and log their matches digitally.

Santorini on iOS and Android will be free to download when it launches. No release date has been specified yet, with a closed beta test currently running and its creators saying the next stage of development will likely take place early next year.


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