Samurai miniatures game Test of Honour opens for pre-orders

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21 February 2017
toh2-600x335-07320.jpg Test of Honour
Base game comes in at £35, with complete bundle at £100

Warlord’s samurai skirmish wargame Test of Honour has opened for early orders ahead of its release at the end of March.

The game uses forces of between five and 20 miniatures on either side of the battle, led by a samurai hero and their clan companions.

Inside the box are six scenarios, which form a connected narrative influenced by the outcome of each individual clash.

It also sounds like the samurai will earn new abilities and skills as the story progresses, and there may even be the chance for player decisions to split the final conclusion down different branches.

Test of Honour’s core set is £35 and comes with 35 plastic and metal infantry – including five samurai and soldiers with spears, bows and muskets – as well as the dice, cards, tokens and rulebooks needed to play. If you pre-order, you’ll also nab an unarmoured samurai model and bonus card.

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Warlord is also offering a complete bundle for £100, which ups the troop count to 63 plus six cavalry.

The bundle includes the dice & cards, ronin, pauper soldiers, masked men and mounted samurai sets which are all available separately on the site, but will also throw in a geisha assassin model and card for those who pick it up ahead of the release date.

Each expansion pack comes with unique cards and metal models, which the dice & cards set adds 10 extra dice and 10 unique cards, including new dishonour, injury, quest and skill options.


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