RPG Dreams Come True from 71p – Mutant Chronicles, Starfinder, and 13th Age

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16 August 2021
Giving you change spare for the sweet shop

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What if you could pick up everything you need to play 13th Age, plus a Starfinder book bundle, and Mutant Chronicles books altogether for about a fiver? Individually, you might only pay as little as 72p for the digital files, less than the cost of the old songs on iTunes (remember those days?). 

All of it is available through Humble Bundle, of course.

Humble Bundle sells digital content packaged into small bundles. You can pick up bundles with increasing content for increasing prices, but each of these in most cases are drastically less than the recommended retail price. A portion of the funds raised from it goes to charity, with an allowance for you to pay what you want if you want to increase the funds going in, or sticking to the price set. 

Currently on Humble Bundle there are three RPG friendly bundles that are worth a look at, covering the following three areas:

However, these are time limited, so don't wait to purchase!

13th Age Tabletop Treasures, Maps and Adventures

Take your character from plucky adventurer all the way to epic hero with 13th Age. The total bundle has a value of £277.01, with three days left. This Bundle includes:

For 72p: A Quickstart & System Reference document, Crown of Axis, Book of Loot, Monsters! bundle from 13th Ages Monthly, and Dragon Empire Map.

For £14.46: All of the previous tier, plus Diabolost: Maps and Awesome Adventures, Adventures! Bundle from 13th Age Monthly, Crusader: Maps and Maps and Awesome Adventures, Great Gold Wyrn: Maps and Awesome Adventures, Priestess: Maps and Awesome Adventures, 13th Age Soundtrack: Original Music Album for the 13th Age,  Treasure! Bundle from 13th Age Monthly, Book of Demons, Book of Ages, Loot Harder, and Dwarf King: Maps and Awesome Adventures.

For £17.02: All of the previous tiers, plus Orc Lord: Maps and Adventures, 13th Age Bestiary, 13th Age GM Screen and Resource Guide, High Druid: Maps and Awesome Adventures, The Three: Maps and Awesome Adventures, and Shadows of Eldolan

For £18.08: All of the above, plus 13th Age, Characters! Bundle from 13th Age Monthly, Elf Queen: Maps and Adventures, Emperor; Maps and Adventures, 13 True Ways, Eyes of the Stone Thief, Eyes of the Stone Thief 5E, the 13th Age Bestiary 2, Archmage: Maps and Awesome Adventures, Prince of Shadows: Maps and Awesome Adventures, Lich King: Maps and Awesome Adventures, and $25 off voucher towards the 13th Age Print Books in the Pelgrane Press Store.

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Mutant Chronicles With 3D Miniatures

Ready to pick a tabletop fight with the Dark Legion? This bundle offers you the books and the 3D files to do just that. If you purchase the full bundle for £12.95, (within the next 17 days) you get a bundle worth £284.97. Here's what's inside: 

For 71p: Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition Roleplaying Game, Mutant Chronicles Players Guide, Mutant Chronicles: Dark Symmetry Campaign, Mutant Chronicle Universal Index, Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition – Quickstart, Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition Character Sheets, Discount for 50% off Mutant Chronicles Third Edition Physical Rulebook

For £7.19: All of the above, plus Mutant Chronicles: Brotherhood Source Book, Mutant Chronicles: Bauhaus Source Book, Mutant Chronicles: Capitol Source Book, Mutant Chronicles: Cybertronic Source Book, Mutant Chronicles: Imperial Source Book, Mutant Chronicles: Whitestar Source Book, and the Mutant Chronicles: Mishima Sourcebook.

For £12.95: All of the above, plus Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition Core Book Savage Worlds Edition, Mutant Chronicles 3D Printed Heroes Collection, Mutant Chronicles Dark Legion campaign, Mutant Chronicles Dark Eden Source Book, Mutant Chronicles: Dark Eden Campaign, Mutant Chronicles Location Deck, Mutant Chronicles Chronicle Deck, Mutant Chronicles NPC deck, Mutant Chronicles Symmetry Deck, Mutant Chronicles Dark Souls Source book, Mutant Chronicles Gamesmaster Screen, Mutatnt Chronicles: Luna & Freelancers Guide Book, Mutant Chronicles: Mutants & Heretics, Mutant Chronicles: Cartel and Orbitals Source Book, Mutant Chronicles: Art Book, and the Mutant Chronicles: Venusian Apocalypse.

Starfinder by Paizo

Look up, and turn to the stars with this Starfinder Bundle. If you purchase the full bundle for £36.33, you get £305.22 worth of stuff! You've got three days to pick up the bundle, and here's what's inside:

For £3.63: You'll receive Starfinder Core Rulebook, Starfinder Player Character Folio, Starfinder First Contact, Starfinder Adenture; Skitter Shot, Starfinder Society Intro: The First Test, Starfinder Society Intro: For the Factions, Starfinder Society Intro: Year of the Data Scourge, Starfinder Adventure Path: Dawn of the Flame Fire Starters, Starfinder Flip-Mat: Basic Starfield, Starfinder Flip-Mat: Basic Terrain, Starfinder Flip-Mat: Space Station, and Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Tech Dungeon. 

For £10.89: All of the above, plus Starfinder Alien Archive, Starfinder GM Screen, Starfinder Adventure: Skitter Crash, Starfinder Society Scenario: Live Exploration Extreme! Starfinder Society Scenario: Pact World Warriors, Starfinder Society Scenario: Dreaming of the Future, Starfinder Adventure Path Dawn of Flame: Soldiers of Brass, Starfinder Adventure Path Dawn of Flame: Sun Divers, Starfinder Flip-Mat: Asteroid, Starfinder Flip-MatL Ghost Ship, Starfinder Flip-Mat: Jungle World, Pathfinder Flip Mat; Elemental Planes Multi-Pack, and Pathfinder Flip-mat: Flooded Dungeon

For £21.79: All of the above, plus Starfinder Beginner Box PDF, Starfinder Pact worlds, Starfinder Adventure: Skitter Home, Starfinder Society Scenario: The Withering World, Starfinder Society Scenario, Yesteryears Truth, Starfinder Adventure Path Dawn of the Flame: The Blind City, Starfinder Adventure Path Dawn of the Flame: Solar Strike, Starfinder Adventure Path Dawn of the Flame: Assault on the Crucible, Starfinder Flip-Mat: Cantina,  Starfinder Flip-Mat: Urban Sprawl, Pathfinder Flip-Mat Classics: Darklands, and Starfinder Alien Archive.

Finally, for £36.33, you get all of the above plus Starfinder Pact Worlds Hardcover and the physical Starfinder Beginner box - but check for shipping information!


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