Rome & Roll Gladiators Expansion Live and Funded on Kickstarter

23 February 2021
Are you not entertained?

The expansion to Rome & Roll sees you now not only seeking to rebuild Rome, but offer entertainment too. The expansion, announced at SPIEL.Digital by PSC Games, launched yesterday to Kickstarter and has now been fully funded. 

The original Rome & Roll saw you rebuilding Rome after it was burnt down, by drafting from a pool of custom dice for resources and icons that let you build on the map of the seven hills. In it, you'll invade settlements, build new buildings and network of roads, all while ensuring you have the correct resources. Designed by Dávid Turczi and Nick Shaw, it had a twist of the roll and write influence, with your progress, resource collection, and point tracking completed on dry wipe boards. 

In the new expansion from the same designers comes the element of entertainment. Now, you're not just rebuilding the city of Rome after the great fire, but you're also ensuring gladiators provide appropriate entertainment for Emperor Nero. This mechanically provides you with a brand new asymmetric character class named the Rudiarius, a retired gladiator and veteran of the colosseum with the ability to call in favours to get ahead. Speaking of which, there are additional public favours to enjoy, as well as a new god. Then you'll have new buildings - such as the Ludi, where gladiators are trained - a new element, area, and finally, the Colosseum itself, which offers resources and points. Finally, gameplay will be influenced by a neutral foreman who may prevent you from building as you'd wanted to, and there'll be a new dice too. 

“Our aim with the Gladiators expansion was to enhance the combos that made the core game kick, and push them to eleven!” says designer Dávid Turczi.

You can find Rome & Roll: Gladiators over on Kickstarter, and you'll have until March 15th to back it. 

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As part of a paid video we got the chance to see what's included a little early, and you can catch our video showing off some of the changes below!





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