Ride eternal, shiny and chrome, with this fan-made Mad Max: Fury Road card game

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18 July 2017
fan-made_custom_mad_max_movie_mille_bornes_card_game_board_tabletop_analog_games_01-01609.jpg Mad Milles Borne (Maxime Verrette)
Maxime Verrette gives French classic Mille Bornes a visual overhaul

Despite a recent deluge of movie spin-off games from The Terminator and Jim Henson’s Labyrinth to Evil Dead 2 and The Godfather, we somehow skipped over an adaptation of George Miller’s high-octane, fuel-guzzling motor chase masterpiece Mad Max: Fury Road.

That wrong has been somewhat righted by Canadian art director Maxime Verrette, who has remade a classic French card game with the striking style of the 2015 four-wheeled flick.

Mad Mille Bornes is an unofficial reimagining of Mille Bornes, a card game first published in the 1950s and themed around the concept of a road race – not unlike the flat-out chase that occupies the majority of Fury Road’s running time.

In the game, players play cards into their personal tableau to drive further along the 1,000-mile track, dividing cards into battle, speed, distance and safety. Hazards such as flat tires, running out of gas and accidents can be overcome using remedy cards.

Verrette’s redesign stays true to the gameplay of the original, applying some of the artwork and movie stills from Fury Road to Milles Bornes’ various cards. In the case of the ‘driving ace’ and ‘extra tank’ cards, this worked out perfectly, with Fury Road’s iconic skull steering wheel and enormous fuel tanker replacing the older cards’ artwork seamlessly. According to the designer, only a handful of obstacle cards needed considerable altering, with just two needing artwork not shown in the movie.

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Verrette also created a custom play mat for the reskinned game, using toy cards on a central track.

Obviously, you won't be able to buy the one-of-a-kind title anywhere, but it's another fantastic example of the talent and dedication of those in love with games. Fingers crossed we one day see a real Mad Max game scoot onto the tabletop!

You can read Verrette’s entire process of creating Mad Milles Borne over on Analog Games.


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