Rick and Morty is getting a Pickle Rick board game that comes in a pickle

13 February 2018
Rick-and-Morty-Pickle-Rick-28267.jpg Pickle Rick
Because of course it is

If you somehow avoided the internet last summer, you might have missed that there was a bonkers episode of cult cartoon Rick and Morty where Rick turned himself into a pickle. It was pretty popular, to say the least.

Now the episode-turned-instant meme is itself being turned into a board game, simply called Rick and Morty: The Pickle Rick Game.

Following the plot of the episode – or at least the bits where Rick crafts himself a superpowered mech suit out of a dead rat and kills an entire building full of armed baddies, rather than the parts about attending family therapy – the game pits one player as Pickle Rick against another who controls the Russians and super-assassin Jaguar. No guesses as to which side will turn out to be the more popular choice. (Or how quickly you’ll get tired of hearing, “I’m Pickle Riiiiiiiiiick!”)

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Rick is trying to escape the compound via the roof, using weapons to eliminate the agents and travelling around in air vents, before he’s taken down. The board is made up of tiles that can be added, rotated and flipped over, around which miniatures of Pickle Rick and Jaguar are moved.

That’s about all the details there are for the moment. Oh, except that the game will come in a pickle. A pickle! You’ll have to provide your own family drama when it’s released later this year.


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