Resident Evil 2 is getting a board game

15 August 2017
Screen-Shot-2017-08-15-at-14.21.13-1-04568.png Resident Evil 2: The Board Game
Dark Souls: The Board Game studio working on adaptation of classic zombie-horror video game

After teasing a Resident Evil board game with all the subtly of a zombie bite to the face last month, Steamforged has shone a flickering torch on its upcoming adaptation of the horror video game series.

More specifically, the Dark Souls: The Board Game and Guild Ball studio is working on a tabletop version of the second entry in the long-running franchise, 1998’s Resident Evil 2. Not to brag, but we had suspected this might be the case when the ‘Trash Panda Metropolis’ image seemed to parody RE2’s iconic artwork specifically.

There’s no details on how Resident Evil 2: The Board Game will play – will it be fully co-op like Dark Souls? Or maybe have an antagonistic zombie overlord player? – but unsurprisingly it will be headed to Kickstarter, where Steamforged’s Dark Souls board game sucked in nearly £4 million. As well as the tie-in board game, a remake of the original PlayStation game is currently under development at Capcom, following the recent revamping of the first Resident Evil for modern consoles and PC.

“It’s a privilege and an honour to be trusted to bring such an important video game to life as a board game,” said Steamforged’s creative director and co-founder Mat Hart as part of the announcement. “Resident Evil 2 helped to define its own genre of games and has created a lasting legacy in video game history.

“Steamforged has several Resident Evil super fans on the team and so we have a deep understanding of what makes RE such a compelling game experience; one that still has legions of fans around the world still playing the game nearly two decades after its release. We’re determined to surprise and delight players new and old with this board game realisation, even the most hardcore of fans!”

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The Kickstarter will go live in late autumn – just in time for Halloween, we’d wager.

On a side note, Steamforged recently announced a follow-up to its divisive Dark Souls board game, in the form of Dark Souls: The Card Game. Unlike Resident Evil 2, however, Dark Souls: TCG will be skipping crowdfunding to release straight into the hands of players next February.


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