Renegade to release first Lanterns expansion early via physical retailers

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23 September 2016
download-64322.png The Emperor's Gifts is Lantern's first expansion
The Emperor’s Gifts will hit specialist shelves in December, ahead of its full 2017 launch

If you’re hankering for the first expansion to Christopher Chung's tile placement hit Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, you’d better get yourself down to your local hobby shop.

Lanterns publisher Renegade Game Studios has announced that it will release Lanterns: The Emperor’s Gifts to US brick and mortar retailers who order more than 12 copies in early December.

The early launch means that the add-on will be available several weeks ahead of its full launch in January 2017 – as well as in time for the Christmas shopping rush.

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The Emperor’s Gifts adds new resources, pavilions and goal cards to the base game, which puts players in the shoes of artisans decorating the lake of a palace in Imperial China.

The Emperor’s Gifts was designed by Jason D Kingsley, and will be priced at $20 in the US. Details on a similar promotion for UK stores are yet to be confirmed.


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