Red Horizon: Blood Omen core set hitting UFS this December

25 October 2016
RH_Blood_Omen_3d_skew-39736.png Blood Omen is the third expansion based in the Red Horizon series
Universal Fighting System expansion based on original IP from Jasco Games

Jasco Games has announced the release date for the Red Horizon: Blood Omen expansion for its Universal Fighting System.

Blood Omen was originally announced in 2015 as being part of this year’s 10th anniversary of the collectible card game.

Based on an original IP created by Jasco Games – rather than a licensed property as with many of the UFS add-ons – Red Horizon was first introduced to the game in 2010, followed by the Tides of Vengeance pack in early 2012.

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The Blood Omen expansion will consist of 144 cards. The core set will be released on December 16th, with booster packs comprised of 10 cards each. Also available will be four different branded play mats, as well as exclusive retailer promo cards.


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