Ravensburger Invest in Awaken Realms' Gamefound

10 February 2022
Horrified publisher invests in Nemesis creator's crowdfunding platform

Ravensburger, the publisher of Villainous, Horrified, and Jaws family tabletop games, have joined Awaken Realms, the creator of huge minis laden games like Tainted Grail and Nemesis,  as an investor in the latter's crowdfunding platform.

“This investment will enable the Gamefound team to quickly grow and develop new functions bringing the platform to the next level. We are extremely excited to start working with our community on the future of crowdfunding.” reads a statement from Marcin Świerkot of Awaken Realms.

Ravensburger are to join as "trusted strategic partners" to the company that has raised $22m in board games funding since its launch as a funding platform (rather than a pledge manager) in 2021.

Gamefound is a dedicated tabletop gaming crowdfunding platform, with specialist tools for those in the hobby.

Filip Francke of Ravensburger, from the press release, said:

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“Ravensburger evaluates over 1,000 game ideas a year. We can ultimately publish only a handful of these games on our own, but hundreds more are concepts we know board game fans would really love. Gamefound makes it easier for all creators to produce the games of their dreams and we’re excited to support a platform that will help deliver even more game experiences to tabletop fans around the world.”

Speculation on how the investment will work beyond an injection of money and expertise into the platform vary wildly, but this is likely good news for those looking at a stable future for both family games, and those big crowdfunded favourites.



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