Rambo: The Board Game is coming, and it apparently features ‘legacy-like’ missions

03 May 2017
pic3534648-07203.jpg Rambo: The Board Game
“Live for nothing, or roll a die for something”

It had to happen: Sylvester Stallone’s super soldier John Rambo will be the next ‘80s cinematic cult classic to come to the tabletop.

Rambo: The Board Game is being developed by Everything Epic’s Chris Batarlis and Jim Samartino, who previously worked together on Raiders of the Lost Tomb and its follow-ups Secrets of the Lost Tomb and Secrets of the Lost Station. Batarlis is also contributing to fellow ‘80s spin-off Big Trouble in Little China: The Game – which happens to be another Everything Epic production.

According to the publisher’s description, Rambo: The Board Game will be a co-op title for up to four people as they take on the roles of Rambo, Colonel Trautman and other members of Baker Team, as well as “other companions that Rambo teamed up with over the years” – suggesting that the game won’t simply be based on 1982 debut First Blood. Yes, there will be miniatures of the characters.

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What’s most intriguing is the promise of “legacy-like mission envelopes” that will each tell separate stories but come together to form an ongoing campaign, unlocking new equipment and abilities.

Some of the mission types mentioned include rescuing POWs, escaping a prison, raiding encampments and surviving in the jungle, with the possibility for both stealthy approaches (bows, arrows and traps at the ready) and all-out guns blazing assaults.

Combat will be driven by a card-based system, with the promise of no luck-based dice rolling.

As you might expect, Rambo: The Board Game will be heading to Kickstarter, but not for almost another year, with the crowdfunding campaign planned for January 2018.


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