Ra and Citadels revival studio Windrider Games merged with Z-Man

07 December 2016
WR02_box_left-17012.jpg Windrider's latest release: a new version of Citadels
Asmodee division focused on reviving older Euro games was opened at the start of the year

Asmodee studio Windrider Games has been merged with Z-Man Games following the former’s acquisition of Z-Man parent company F2Z Entertainment.

Windrider was first announced at the GAMA Trade Show in March of this year, and was pitched as a division within Asmodee led by former Fantasy Flight Games alumnus Steven Kimball that would focus on reviving older Euro games and titles not published by Fantasy Flight in the form of updated re-releases and reprints.

To date, the studio has put out new editions of Reiner Knizia’s acclaimed 1997 tile-laying opus Tigress & Euphrates, Knizia’s 1999 auction title Ra, and Bruno Faidutti’s card game Citadels from 2000.

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A new interview with Kimball about the new Citadels release on the Asmodee site reveals that Windrider has been absorbed into Z-Man, with Kimball becoming head of the combined studio, which retains the Z-Man name.

He also added that the team is working on the next releases in the ‘Euro Classics’ series established by Windrider.

“Of course, we have several other projects in the works, and we can’t wait to share them with the world once they’re further along,” he added.


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