Production problems limit Cry Havoc stock in the UK, result in unfulfilled pre-orders

14 November 2016
pic3090929-20408.jpg Cry Havoc was released last week – but it won't be widely available for some time
‘If you did not pre-order, we will not have any copies available to buy for some time,’ warns online retailer Chaos Cards

Portal’s sci-fi strategy title Cry Havoc hasn’t exactly got off to the best start in the UK.

After generating a fair amount of buzz at Gen Con and Essen, the board game finally made it to British shores last week… or at least, that was the plan.

Online retailer Chaos Cards announced via its email newsletter that Cry Havoc had suffered “major production issues following its early sale at Essen”, and that these had subsequently impacted the game’s availability in the UK.

“What it has boiled down to is that the manufacturers have been unable to produce enough copies to send out to suppliers; in turn, the suppliers have been unable to honour the orders the retailers made; and finally, we retailers are now unable to fulfil the pre-orders our customers have made,” the website clarified.

Chaos Cards said that it had sent out all of its stock to customers that pre-ordered through its website on a ‘first-come, first-served basis’, but because it had been informed of the issues too late, several of its customers would have to wait until further stock was available. It is offering refunds to those unhappy with the situation.

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However, it might be worth holding on if you're itching to play – because of the backlog of pre-orders, the retailer warned that: “If you did not pre-order Cry Havoc, we will not have any copies available to buy for some time.”

It’s worth noting that it seems this isn’t a problem exclusive to Chaos Cards, as the issues lie at the top of the production chain.

Of course, Cry Havoc wasn’t the only major no-show of last week – Eric Lang’s card game spin-off to video game Bloodborne was also announced as being delayed due to licensing issues.


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