Previews from TTCombat – Halfling and Rumbleslam!

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11 June 2020
Exciting things coming soon

TTCombat has been posting Teaser Tuesday, which means we’ve been treated to snippets of great new miniatures and things to look forward to. Recently (though almost always!) there's been some really exciting announcements recently, with Halflings for preorder, The Fabulous Atoq, new character cards and even more Rumbleslam Superstars that are launching this week!


Of those announcements, includes The Fabulous Atoq, who will be one of the newest additions to the Moote Carlo Casino, and will be available from Friday.



With him, comes news that the Rumbleslam character cards being redesigned, being completely reworked – now they're bigger, the dice showing stats has more contrast and different number facings to help with colour blindness, the moves are listed on the front of the card with full stats and offensive moves shown, with longer-form rules remaining on the back, and heels no longer have a special rule. As for The Fabulous Atoq, well he’s an allrounder for stats, but you can check those out in full on the website!



In addition to The Fabulous Atok, we also have Junior Jr Señor Jr, who was teased last year – but now you’ll see the addition of a ghost! Plus, there’s also The Sapphire Fiend, one of the most famous of all time.




These famous superstars are available from this Friday.


That’s not all though, as TTCombat are also putting more Halflings up for pre-order.


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It begins with Shield Maidens in the Halfling Fantasy Heroes Miniatures series, but there’s also the aggressive Walrus Riders, who come in two forms as spear holding or and weapons.



Finally – BEARS!




You can find all of these over on TTCombat, with the Rumbleslam Superstars being available this week, and the others will be available for pre-order shortly. They promise even more to come, so we'll look forward to updates! 



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