Pre-orders Open for Vampire: The Masquerade: Rivals

12 October 2020
It doesn't bite. We don't think

Renegade Game Studios brought the popular RPG Vampire: The Masquerade into the expandable card game worked, with Vampire: The Masquerade: Rivals. Whilst it may have a long title, it went to Kickstarter and it's fair to say it had some success - with a goal of $10,000, it, in fact, raised $234,587, funding it into existence. Whilst you may have missed the Kickstarter, Renegade Game Studios are now taking pre-orders for the post-Kickstarter game. 

The game will cost $45 to pre-order, and though the website currently confirms the release date to be Early 2020, we can safely assume that's 2021. 

The game itself is for 2-4 players, is for ages 14+, plays between 30 minutes and 75 minutes, and is based in the World of Darkness. Each player is a leader of a coterie of vampires, and you'll then use those vampires for your own means, advancing agendas, claiming titles, recruiting new vampires, and starting confrontations (well, maybe!). You'll need to complete the agenda or eliminate the rival to claim the place of power over the city. 

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In the description given by Renegade Game Studios: "When the sun sets, the undead awaken. To slake their Hunger, they feed upon the herd of unaware mortals. Right beneath our noses, the Kindred clash against their rivals as they vie for control of the city of San Francisco and the coveted title of Prince." 

Within the starter set available at the moment, there're four complete vampire decks representing the four clans, Toreador, Ventrue, Brujah, and Malkavian. This will start you off of course, but as an expandable card game, there'll be more to come, with new strategies and clans due to be released regularly. 

And if you want more, they've got that too - you can also pick up some card sleeves within your preorder for an additional $10, in either city deck style sleeves, or library deck style sleeve. 

You can pick these up by checking with your friendly local game store, or put in your pre-order with Renegade Game Studios directly.


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