Powerpuff Girls vs Dexter: A Card Game is possibly the worst Kickstarter we’ve ever seen

10 November 2016
2d7c0ab7b0f9edd98c7b34cf36f6cd45_original-03710.jpg An example of a 'fake card' from Powerpuff Girls vs Dexter
‘We all have in inner child inside waiting to come out lets be a team to bring powderpuff girls vs Dexter to life’

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve done it. We’ve found the worst Kickstarter campaign for a tabletop game ever created.

Powerpuff Girls vs Dexter: A Card Game is the idea of Iven, an American first-time designer whose Kickstarter bio reads: “im just a guy who love games so why not create one and get paid not to grow up.”

As you might have gathered from the title, the card game pits popular Cartoon Network characters from the Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory against each other. Oh, and they’re also trying to stop aliens and monsters at the same time.

“How it works is you pick a side and if you have friends and family They can also choose to be with you or against you,” Iven writes. “The plan is to battle with your favorite character and battle against each other But here's were it get interesting each characters have a weakness And only the card holder will know.”

The elements are ice, water, fire and earth.

“And its changes each time you get a power up To keep your weakness secret to push through,” Iven continues. “Your not only fighting each other But also aliens as well. And the bigger the aliens the bigger the bonuses And you might have to put your differences asides in some turns and team up To fight the hardest aliens before they take you out and take over the city.”

Simple enough, then. There’s even example of a card from the game… only it’s a Pokemon card with a picture of Dexter overlaid onto it. In fact, one of the moves, ‘Dee-Dee’, explains that “She will annoy the opponent’s pokemon to death”.

Although the psychic and colourless element symbols are on the card, they weren’t listed in the list of attributes for this game, so we’re not exactly sure what they mean.

Then there’s a lot of random art from both TV shows (we assume Iven has already pinned down the legal rights to make a licensed card game featuring two well-known IPs from a major TV broadcaster), before we get to one particularly intriguing point.

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Iven says that to help improve the flow of the game, “I teamed up with ellison who has been designing physical and digital games for most of his career (he invented the genre of alternate reality games, and was formerly the creative director of the Xbox) so he put his gargantuan puzzle-solving brain to work and added a layer of much-needed complexity to the game.”

It’s an interesting claim, given that it sounds very similar to the CV of Elan Lee, the co-creator Exploding Kittens and Bears vs Babies, who was indeed one of the prominent figures in the ARG genre and helped to create the Xbox.

To give Iven credit where credit’s due, not many people have the confidence to take their idea to the wider world and see if it will fly. So where did the idea come from?

“Ever since I was a youngster I grew up watching powderpuff girls and Dexter But always wonder what would the show be like if they happened to meet each other,” he explains. “Over time I draw them on papers and showed my friends and came up with a clever Game where I use card games and tape there drawing's on it to play. And every time my friends would come over the 1st thing out there mouth is "where did you put the Dexter" As I got older I always wanted to share my idea with the world.

“So here's some prototype I came up with and if I raise enough capital we can bring are long time show back to are homes again. If you have any ideas or question's don’t be afraid to message me. We all have in inner child inside waiting to come out lets be a team to bring powderpuff girls vs Dexter to life!!!”

Like any Kickstarter campaign, there’s sure to be some risks and challenges. Luckily, Iven has them covered.

“Seems like a pretty keen idea to try that again,” the section begins. “We're going to use the same great folks at Ad Magic to print the game, and the same incredible team at Blackbox to get it over to you once it's printed.”

Wait a second, ‘again’? Isn’t this Iven’s first project? Yes, it is – the entire risks and challenges section is copied verbatim from the Bears vs Babies campaign.

At the time of writing, the campaign has one backer, who has stumped up $35 for the core deck and all its stretch goals. Iven is looking for $5,000 to make his dream of a Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Lab crossover come true. We’ll let you know if he makes it.

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