Potion Explosion makers’ Railroad Ink is your Ticket to Roll-and-Write

10 October 2018
railroad-ink-21043.jpg Railroad Ink
In ‘Blazing Red’ and ‘Deep Blue’ editions

The studio behind marble-matching game Potion Explosion, Horrible Games, has announced a new roll-and-write puzzler coming out in two colourful editions.

Railroad Ink sees players rolling dice to determine routes that they can then draw on their erasable boards, with the tracks linking together exits to score points.

All of the players are given the same combination of track pieces to add to their path, so victory comes down to how you use the same results as everyone else.

Two versions of Railroad Ink will be coming out at Essen later this month, in very Pokémon and Pandemic Legacy: Season One-esque red and blue boxes illustrated by Marta Tranquilli.

Designed by Dragon Castle co-creators Hjalmar Hach and Lorenzo Silva, the two editions will serve up different gameplay in a variety of included expansions, too.

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The Blazing Red box includes the challenge of dealing with lava spewing from an erupting volcano and meteors that can destroy routes, but also the opportunity to mine craters for valuable ore.

In contrast, the Deep Blue version features rivers and lakes, making it more difficult to deal with the maps’ waterways or establish new journeys via ferry.

Each box plays separately with up to six people, or the two can be combined to support a group of up to 12 players. (A promo board available at Essen ups the limit again to 13 people.) Both also allow solo play.


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