Poirot and Miss Marple hunt a hidden murderer together in semi-co-op Agatha Christie card game

29 May 2019
death-on-the-cards-97537.png Agatha Christie: Death on the Cards
And Then There Was Fun

A new murder-mystery card game inspired by crime writer Agatha Christie is coming out later this year.

Death on the Cards features a greatest hits line-up of characters from Christie’s mystery novels, including iconic investigators Detective Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple alongside the likes of Harley Quin, Mr. Satterthwaite, Parker Pyne and Ariadne Oliver.

Two to six players are working together to crack a murder case, calling on the help of Christie’s detectives by collecting sets of cards. Like every good Christie, though, there’s a twist: one of the players is the murderer.

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The hidden culprit must work against the other players to elude capture – players can reveal their companions’ secrets by completing card sets, trying to identify the guilty party among them before they’re able to escape. Other cards in the game introduce various events to each playthrough.

Agatha Christie: Death on the Cards has been designed by Dr. Tomas Rawlings, who previously created mobile and PC game Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land.

It’s being published by Mutant Chronicles, Star Trek Adventures and Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms studio Modiphius, which has announced the game will be released in shops in time for Christmas.


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