Play the new Dune, Villainous, Ishtar and more massive games at Tabletop Gaming Live 2019

21 August 2019
dune-01709.jpg Dune (2019)
The year’s biggest releases come to London’s Alexandra Palace on September 28th and Sunday 29th

2019’s must-play games are coming to London this month – and you can play them at Tabletop Gaming Live!

Our convention held in the gorgeous Alexandra Palace on Saturday, September 28th and Sunday 29th will see the latest releases from Gen Con and upcoming games from Essen Spiel come to the capital, many of them available to play for the first time in the UK. 

Among the countless games on the show floor will be the brand new edition of Dune, the first time the legendary ‘lost’ board game based on the sci-fi epic has been widely available in 35 years.

Also available to play will be Sanctum, the dungeon-crawling tribute to hack-and-slash video games from Adrenaline designer Filip Neduk, which won’t be released until October at Essen.

If you’re a Lion King fan (and who isn’t?), you won’t want to miss the latest release for Disney board game Villainous, Evil Comes Prepared, which includes evil uncle Scar, The Emperor’s New Groove baddie Yzma and Ratigan from eighties flick The Great Mouse Detective in the standalone expansion.

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Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon is the latest game from Kingdomino creator Bruno Cathala, offering up a modern twist on abstract classic Go as players plant trees and vegetation to create the world wonder. It won’t be out until later in the year, but you’ll be get the chance to play it early at Tabletop Gaming Live.

Mansions of Madness and Eldritch Horror designer Nikki Valens is leaving the Lovecraftian terrors behind in her next game, Quirky Circuits. Players work together to program a house-cleaning robot, dealing with the unexpected glitches they might throw in each others’ code. You’ll be able to give it a go at the show.

There will be loads more games for you to discover at this year’s Tabletop Gaming Live, including some releases so hot we can’t even tell you what they are yet! As well as brand new favourites, you’ll find the latest fresh instalments in series such as KeyForge, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic and Love Letter to play and buy from one of the traders at the convention, with show-exclusive discounts and offers to grab. 

Tabletop Gaming Live takes place in Alexandra Palace, London, on Sunday, September 28th and Sunday 29th 2019. Tickets, including family bundles and weekend passes, are available now from; if you buy before the day, you’ll be able to get in an hour early. That means more time for gaming!

For more info about the event – including details on the talks, workshops and tournaments happening during the weekend – check out the free show guide included with the latest issue of Tabletop Gaming magazine. We hope to see you at the show!

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