Play Pink With Ticket To Ride, Supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

27 September 2021
Get on board

Days of Wonder and Asmodee, publishers of Ticket to Ride, have today announced a partnership with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, offering exclusive trains to be used within Ticket To Ride, with a classic pink colouring. 

The Ticket to Ride: Play Pink is a limited edition Train and Station set that can be pre-ordered now. The sets can be used across TIcket to Ride, and Ticket to Ride: Europe, and will contain 48 trains, three stations and one scoring marker.  

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A non-profit approach has been taken with the game, ensuring all profits are redistributed back into the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, ensuring that $2 from every sale will go directly to the foundation, with the additional cost being solely for production. These will be available at a price of $5/€5, and a limited quantity of 80,000 available. 

“As a major player in the games and entertainment industry, we believe it is our duty to lead the way and help important causes like the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We know how board games can bring families together in difficult times, and we hope that players all across the world will support breast cancer research by playing Ticket to Ride with this exclusive new set” said Stéphane Carville, CEO of Asmodee.


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